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Eric Poole, Technical Consultant

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Londonderry, NH 03053-3611
E-Mail: eric@rkt-tech.com
Phone: (603) 437-1811

AVAILABILITY As Of January 6, 2016

NOTE: I am retired and only considering projects of special interest or for long-time clients.
Mostly that includes medical device software development projects
with a STRONG preference for Agile development processes.

This page (and this website) is currently undergoing revision.

RKT Technologies, Inc. has resources available for new projects with a preference for any of the following areas:
  • Medical Device software development (senior/principal software developer/architect, software team leader);
  • Medical Device software regulatory consultant (verify that client's software development policies and procedures conform to the FDA Quality System regulation; verify that software development and validation conforms to FDA rules and guidances);
  • Medical Device software development using Agile (preferably Scrum) development processes per AAMI-TIR45:2012 where I can trade my extensive medical device and iterative software development experience for some formal Scrum experience;
  • Software development in another regulated industry, e.g. aviation, transportation, military.
  • Software development in non-regulated industries where my regulated-industry experience will directly contribute to robust and reliable software.
At the present time we strongly favor contracts that do not require frequent or continuous presence on-site at our clients' facilities. We will always commit to being on-site at the client's facility whenever there is a reason to be there (e.g. meetings, need to interface with other development personnel, use of and access to on-site development tools and target systems, etc.); when no specific need exists to be on-site, we usually perform services for our clients at our own facility.

In cases where Agile development processes (Scrum or other) are in use, we recognize that "whenever there is a reason to be there" includes close and frequent interaction between team members. This is a basic part of the Agile development process and is difficult to achieve (not impossible, but difficult) when the team members are not co-located at the same facility. Therefore, when Agile development processes are in use, we would normally expect to be on-site at the client's facility most of the time.

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