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Eric Poole, Technical Consultant

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(Last revision: 1/6/2016)

    • Software development for medical devices and other regulated industries.
    • Real time embedded systems software design and development using commercial and custom multitasking real time operating systems
    • Independent verification and validation of software development processes.
  • 45 years' experience in the electronics industry.
    39 years' experience in embedded systems hardware and software design.
    35 years' experience as an independent consultant.
  • Specializing in C and C++, on a variety of microcontrollers and microcomputers small and large.
  • Product Development: Experienced in designing, implementing, and documenting software for medical devices requiring approval under the FDA Quality System regulation; avionics devices requiring FAA TSO approval; and military devices developed using IEEE/EIA 12207 and IEEE Software Engineering Standards as guidelines.
  • Methodologies: Structured Analysis and Design (SASD); Object Oriented Analysis, Design, and Programming (OOA, OOD, OOP), Unified Modeling Language (UML)
  • Target systems: ARM series, Cortex, 80x86, 68xxx, Z80 and variants, 8051 and variants, PIC series, Linux, PC, PowerPC
  • Operating Systems and Platforms: QNX / Momentics, MicroC/OS-II and FreeRTOS on IAR Embedded Workbench, VxWorks / Tornado, MS Windows (Microsoft Visual C++ / Visual Studio), Unix, Solaris, Linux
  • Multi-processor systems using sockets, shared memory, async and sync serial, USB, SPI, I2C for inter-processor communication.
  • Standards: FDA Quality System Regulation (21CFR820), ISO 13485, ISO 14971, IEC 62304, AAMI TIR45:2012, IEEE SE; DOD STD 2167A; RTCA/DO-178A/B; MIL STD 498, ISO 9001, IEEE/EIA 12207, ANSI/AAMI SW-68
  • Verification and Validation - Experience as an Independent Verification and Validation Reviewer for software developed in regulated industries such as medical devices, with responsibilities including:
    • Verification and Validation of software
    • Serving as moderator and independent reviewer at design reviews
    • Evaluating and recommending changes and additions to software policy documents.
  • Networking: Voice over IP (VoIP), TCP/IP, SCADA
  • Setup and administration of Subversion and Bugzilla installations for revision control and bug / action item tracking across projects.

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